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Do you recycle your batteries? | MAR Services

Do you recycle your batteries?

Every person in the UK uses an average of 10 batteries per year. Together we create more than 600 million waste batteries in just one year. ( As something we have grown up with, using in our toys when we were children, our mobiles phones as teens and in our cars as adults, you wouldn’t think as a nation we still stand in front of our general waste bins pondering whether batteries can go in there? The answer is a definite no and an even bigger NO for businesses; Whist the obligations placed on companies that produce hazardous waste are more stringent than for those that merely dispose of batteries that are used generally, it is illegal for both to include such hazardous waste in the general waste collection. (Source) Why should I recycle? Batteries sent to landfill decay and release hazardous chemicals such as lead, zinc, lithium and mercury into…

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