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What is disorganisation costing your business?

If you’re anything like the majority of businesses in the UK, then the possible answer is hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Statistics show that on average, each of your employees lose one hour per day through disorganisation. The cause of this wasted time can be anything from malfunctioning equipment to chasing up missing parcels, and almost everything in between. It may seem relatively insignificant, but let’s do the maths: if your average employee is paid £14p/h, and you have 60 employees, then your business is losing an astonishing £200k+ per year. That’s the difference between success and failure for most business. So what can you do about it? Here’s six ways you can improve your workplace to ensure that disorganisation isn’t stopping you reach your business goals.   Maintain, don’t fix How often are your employees held up by a paper jam in the printer, a faulty photocopier…

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