Monthly Archives: February 2016

Transform Your Office to Improve Morale

Many employers struggle to find ways to improve the morale and productivity of their offices. They will call in experts to test their staff. They will host elaborate events. They will even give away money or goods only to see a temporary rise in energy. There is a much simpler way to improve staff morale and in doing so, increase productivity. And all it takes is making some simple changes to your working environment. Here’s our top tips to making the most of your workspace: Understand your space – Renovating the office might sound like an exciting (or daunting) project, but before you jump into anything, it is important to first understand how the space is currently being used. Use an app like Observe from Gensler to analyse workflows and space utilisation in order to make evidence-based changes to your workspace. Let the sun shine – If you have windows…

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