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Benchmarking: More than just numbers

Benchmarking is the catch-all phrase that encompasses the measurement of the performance of a facilities management executive and their crew. The goal is to measure your performance against competitors and industry standards. Different lenses mean different priorities When the CFO looks at a benchmarking report, they might see only the costs. This can be misleading if it’s not explained well, or cause is given. For example, if you’re maintaining buildings that are 400 years old and the benchmark that’s used is for a standard office building, you will always be fighting an uphill battle. Similarly, if the ‘cost per square foot’ is your benchmark, but you’re maintaining 700 acres of land, again those numbers won’t look right. On the operations side, a COO might look at the report and see time lost/downtime when digging into the report. To them, a faulty service elevator leading to a vital area of the…

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