Monthly Archives: September 2016

Our Eight Point Check List for Winter Maintenance

Winter is probably the busiest time of year for most facilities teams. Between the rain, snow, ice, and cold, there are opportunities (read “annoyances”) around every corner. As facilities managers we know how to handle nearly everything. This article is to serve as a refresher for those who might have forgotten what winter can bring while they were basking in the sunshine and glory of a relaxing summer. Summer’s heat has its own opportunities, but it rarely makes our walkways deadly, our roofs collapse, our pipes burst or our gutters to block. Of course, winter has all of these possibilities and more. The Duty of Care that’s laid out at our door makes it more than simply a rhetorical concept. The Act makes it a legal imperative that can lead to fines for neglect. Liability is a significant driving factor for many businesses. The idea that they might find themselves…

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