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10 Benefits of Paying the Living Wage

Everyone knows about the National Minimum Wage. It’s compulsory and the rate depends on your age, if you are under 25 years of age it might range of £3.40 an hour for an apprentice to £6.95 if you aged between 21 and 24.  If you are 25 or over you are entitled to National Living Wage at £7.20 per hour but is this enough for people to survive on? What is a Living Wage? The Living Wage is the amount of money that employees need to live comfortably, relatively free of the burdens of worrying about making ends meet. Nothing is more de-moralising for staff than being employed full-time job, working hard for their employer, and still not being able to meet the basics of life like rent, food, and utilities. The new Living Wage, (£9.75p/h inside London, £8.45p/h outside), allows employees to pay their bills and live reasonably comfortably….

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