6 little things to do as the New Year approaches

It’s about this time of year that we reassess ourselves, our lives, and look at what we want for the future. This is a perfect time to do precisely that with your facilities management plans.

Take a breath. Step back. Look at what you’re doing now and what you would like to see into 2017 and beyond.

We can help you to get started thinking about what you can do to be ready for the New Year.

1.Think about what niggles have you been putting off?

We all have them. At work or at home, we all have those little projects that have been waiting and waiting to get done. Somehow, even though they will only a take a few minutes or hours, we seem to never get around to doing them.

Between now and January 1, commit to getting as many of these annoying little projects done as possible.

Firstly, make a list. It won’t take long, but if you need to, carry around a notebook all day. Write down all those projects that are annoying, but can be done.

Then, either get them done yourself or assign them to someone. These can be simple projects, like adding a layer of paint in a dingy hallway. They might be more elaborate, like putting some sealant on that crack in the basement or replacing bricks in a walkway.

2. Look at your washroom and hygiene service

The New Year is a great time to reassess the services that others provide. Are the washroom services adequate? Are they excellent?

Contractors like these can become like friends. They are certainly familiar faces, but that familiarity can’t influence your decisions. The best way to approach this evaluation is to try to enter each of the washrooms as if you have never been there before. What would a stranger think of your washroom? Is it clean and well-stocked? Does it smell nice? What would you change if you could?

3. Check if Consumables are giving you value?

A significant part of your budget is consumables. While they are necessary, it’s important to try to save as much money as possible, while keeping the quality up. Don’t just buy the cheapest items you can find. Try to strike a balance between your products and the people who use them.  Now is an excellent time to look at your costs and quality. If you aren’t 100% satisfied or certain that you’re getting the value you need, this is a great time to look for other options.

4. Are your suppliers and contractors the right ones?

Are your contractors giving you the value that you need? Are they still competitive?

This is another of those places that requires a cold, hard look at what’s working and what isn’t. It’s important to look at the value you’re receiving, as well as the immediate cost. Ask your current contractors for offers. Then take those and compare them to offers from new contractors.

It’s possible that you will get a better value from a new contractor. It’s also possible that some intangibles, such as familiarity and reliability, will make you choose your existing contractor.

 5.Declutter now before spring arrives

Decluttering all those spaces that have been building up a mess all year will set you free.

Take the time to begin clearing out those clogged closets and storage rooms. All that clutter and mess might be preventing you and your team from operating at your highest levels.

Many people wait for a “spring clean,” but that’s too late. As soon as the warm weather comes back, you’ll be distracted with cleaning up after winter and resetting the landscaping. Clean it now and you won’t have to worry about it in the spring.

6. Step away and take time to learn

One of the things that many people forget to do is to take time to re-learn their jobs. Author Stephen Covey calls it “Sharpening the Saw.”

The world is changing faster than ever. There is always someone who knows something you don’t. Take this time to step away from work and get a bit of retraining. You will likely find some amazing new tips, tricks, and techniques that will make your work easier and even save your company money.

There are formal courses that you can take or you might simply find a colleague and spend a few days following them. You will find new ways of doing things and (shhh!) might even see things that they don’t do well that you should avoid.

So now is the time to make a great start on 2017. Be ready to get all that old clutter and look at new ways of doing business for the New Year.

 Have a very Happy New Year and we wish you all success!

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