There are many industry standards which make sure companies achieve good standards in the way they operate, what they do or what they make. In order to be “accredited” the company has to be examined by independent experts. Only those companies who hold a current accreditation are permitted to use the logos.

MAR Services has successfully achieved accreditation for the three standards most relevant to our company. These are:

ISO 9001 Quality & Procedures


This deals with the way MAR Services operates, how it is organised and the procedures in place to make sure things run smoothly. It also details how we keep records of what we do, keep track of compliments or complaints and what steps we take if anything goes wrong.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System


Any business activity may affect the environment through the consumption of energy and other resources as well as by the production of waste. Although there are many legal obligations governing companies’ relationship with the environment, we don’t just want to comply because it’s the law, we are committed to minimising the potentially harmful effects of our activities wherever and whenever possible.

We do this by making efficient use of resources, reducing the level of harmful emissions, promoting recycling, as well as by using recycled materials and eco-friendly products. We are also keen to work in partnership with suppliers, clients and subcontractors to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment.

OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety


Nobody should be exposed to excessive risks to their Health and Safety while at work, with severe legal penalties for breaking the law. This is so important that Health & Safety training begins on a new employee’s first day and is regularly refreshed. Responsibility for H&S works both ways, with MAR Services training people to use the right equipment in a safe way, but employees have responsibilities too. These include the obligation to use equipment in a safe way and report any potentially dangerous occurrence to prevent anyone being injured. We provide protective clothing & equipment, explain how to report accidents & defective electrical equipment, give training on manual handling & lifting and for all our activities we generate risk assessments & method statements.