Better Waste Management = Better Business

Once just an afterthought, waste management now plays a pivotal role in every business. Companies in the UK are now legally required to dispose of their waste appropriately and ecologically.

By focussing on waste as a resource rather than a problem, many businesses can reap great rewards from an effective waste management programme.

The benefits

Cutting costs

Many of the benefits to be gained from better waste management revolve around saving money, which is the number one priority for most businesses. Reducing the amount of waste your business produces will in turn reduce your costs. The less waste you send to landfill, the less landfill tax your company will have to pay. You will also save a significant amount simply on the cost of removal itself. Proactively managing your waste solutions also means you’ll spend less buying new goods and stock.

Attracting clients and investors

Benefits of effective waste management go beyond just saving your company money. In today’s eco-friendly society, the effect that we are having on our planet is at the forefront of many people’s minds. Customers and potential investors are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental responsibility and a good waste management strategy can be a deciding factor in whether investors and customers choose to do business with your company. Several large contracts, such as those from large industry leaders or the government, will only ever be rewarded to companies who can show that they have a responsible and sustainable waste management policy.

Good press

One thing that businesses can never get enough of is good publicity. By ensuring that your company has an efficient waste management strategy, you can promote your green credentials with pride, earning your business a positive environmental reputation.

A waste management strategy that puts some focus on reusing some of your waste can also help to create links within your community. You can enforce your position within your local community through good news stories and donating items such as used furniture to local projects and charities.

Need help creating a waste management policy that works?

Creating an entire waste management strategy can be time consuming and often business may not know where to start. This is where MAR Recycling and Waste come in.

What we do

At MAR Services, we specialise in creating waste management solutions for business’ and companies who want to take advantage of the many benefits that efficient waste management can bring. We provide a consultancy service to help businesses create and develop their waste management policies and reduce their impact on the environment.

We offer impartial advice on a range of solutions from the best ways to manage your waste to the best removal services for your business. We can help to audit your waste management policies to ensure that they are up to date with all the legal requirements and also help ensure your business is operating in accordance with all legislation relating to the industry in which it is operating.

We understand that changing your waste management policy is often one more job you simply don’t have time to do, therefore we can run all of your waste management services for you. We can manage the collection and disposal of any waste from your site as well as deal with all the necessary paperwork and ensure contracts are renewed on time. We can even source refuse sacks and bins for your business premises.

At MAR Services we make it our mission to help you to develop the best waste management policy possible for your business. We understand that all companies are individual so we tailor our services around you in order to create a bespoke waste management service for your business. Together we can get your business as eco-friendly and efficient as it can be.

To discuss how we might be able to help your business, get in touch on 0800 975 7217, or email at


One thought on “Better Waste Management = Better Business

  1. John Mahoney

    I loved when you talked about how a company that has efficient waste management strategies is able to get gre4at publicity. My parents are starting a big project and they need a company like this to help taking care fo the garbage they will produce. It makes sense that taking the time to plan ahead and consult with several companies can help you find the one that provides the best rates and deals with your waste properly and efficiently.


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