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Summertime And The Maintenance Is Easy………..

6 Summer Maintenance Jobs to Prioritise Now

 After the flaming June that many of us have enjoyed so far, whisper it quietly but it actually feels like Summer is pretty much here! So now’s the time to start thinking about those all-important summer maintenance jobs for your building ……..

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Happy Valentine’s: how we plan to share the love all year round!

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We know it’s not to everyone’s taste, but in principle it means well – a day to celebrate love, in all its shapes, sizes and quirky tastes. So we got to thinking. Why put all the pressure on creating one perfect day? As they say, love makes the world go round, so let’s go all out – let’s share the love all year round! The most amazing statistic at MAR Services is that over 90% of clients rate our services as excellent. When 9/10 of our customers think your efforts are outstanding, you must be doing something right! We’re convinced that the reason that our customers love us is that we love them – not just one day of the year, but every single day of the year. Here are just a few of reasons that customers say…

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6 little things to do as the New Year approaches

It’s about this time of year that we reassess ourselves, our lives, and look at what we want for the future. This is a perfect time to do precisely that with your facilities management plans. Take a breath. Step back. Look at what you’re doing now and what you would like to see into 2017 and beyond. We can help you to get started thinking about what you can do to be ready for the New Year. 1.Think about what niggles have you been putting off? We all have them. At work or at home, we all have those little projects that have been waiting and waiting to get done. Somehow, even though they will only a take a few minutes or hours, we seem to never get around to doing them. Between now and January 1, commit to getting as many of these annoying little projects done as possible….

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