5 Ways to Thank Your Facilities Manager

World FM Day – a chance to celebrate the unsung heroes who keep us all ticking along. The day is designed to highlight the crucial importance of the FM role, something we’re all for because without these office champions, coming into work each day would be a far bleaker prospect.

FM managers spend their days thinking about your wellbeing. Without them chaos would reign. The toilets would be unusable, the kitchen fridge a minefield and our own desks would become lethal battlefields employing germ warfare to take us down.

This years World FM Day theme is ‘Building Resilience for the Future’. It further highlights the pivotal role FM’s will play in the evolving business landscape by addressing emerging new trends within the sustainability and energy arena. They have a lot on their plate, so it makes sense to us that the best way we can say thanks, is supporting them with their many responsibilities.

Want to join us? Here’s 5 ways to show your Facilities Manager you appreciate them.


  1. Reduce operational costs

A huge part of the FM role is trying to find ways to streamline business practices in order to reduce costs. This is a huge responsibility that is almost impossible for a FM to manage alone. Ultimately it is down to you to follow through with recommendations, but it is the FM’s head on the line if operational costs are spiralling. Say thanks by choosing one simple way you will cut your costs. Use less paper, proactively address equipment failure or turn your computer off at night. As a famous supermarket chain would say, every little helps!


  1. Reduce energy consumption

Most FM’s have been set tight KPI’s to reduce energy costs over the next few years. It’s so important that it is one of the key themes of this year’s World FM Day. You can help with small changes to your normal routine; turn lights off at night, make a tea rota to avoid boiling the kettle five separate times, keep doors and windows closed to help regulate heating and turn off dripping taps. Think of it the same way you would at home. Okay, so it’s not your bill, but it’s a great way to make your FM’s job that bit easier.


  1. Make your workplace more sustainable

Sustainability is not a catchword, it is common sense. A sustainable workplace is so much more than one that is environmentally friendly. It is one that avoids employee burnout (there’s nothing sustainable about a workforce that is dead on its feet), prioritises occupational health and safety and is ethically, socially and of course, environmentally responsible.

Whilst becoming 100% sustainable is nigh on impossible, constantly moving towards the goal will benefit everyone. Say thanks to your FM by making sustainability a priority. Look after your team’s wellbeing, encourage socially inclusive practices and of course, recycle everything!


  1. Keep up-to-date

The things that keep Facilities Managers up at night are too numerous to list. The job is a never-ending cycle of manage, maintain and improve, and it is almost impossible to keep on top of everything. You can say thanks by keeping up with best practice and implementing clever changes when you hear about them. Read a blog once a week, network with other FM professionals at events and follow thought leaders on Twitter for bitesize updates. Of course, we recommend @MARTweeting for all the latest facilities management news, updates and trends!


  1. Communicate

We’ve already described how vast the role of your FM is. Consider how difficult it is to oversee every little detail efficiently and effectively. Nobody can be everywhere at once, right? So next time you walk past the printer and see that a error light is flashing, or notice that the customer toilet is blocked, let your FM know. They are superheroes, but even superheroes need to hear that call for help.

So make somebody’s day. Say thanks to your FM for their tireless, and often under-appreciated efforts to keep you safe, comfortable and healthy by supporting them in their complex and demanding roles. Share this article with your team to show them how easy showing some FM love can be!

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