Prevention is Better than Cure: Summer School Maintenance

The summer is the ideal time for empty schools to be thoroughly cleaned. Free of occupants for several weeks, you need to ensure that cleaning tasks that are difficult to achieve during the school year are carried out effectively and efficiently. It’s important that schools are well maintained, looking spick and span for the new academic year, providing students with a healthy learning environment, limiting the spread of germs and bacteria.  It’s already time to start thinking about summer cleaning and maintenance!

Over the years, MAR Services has helped to take care of scores of schools and we capitalize on the summer break to get those deep cleaning jobs ticked off the list and get to grips with any outstanding maintenance tasks.  One thing we have learned is that, when it comes to maintenance is ‘every £ of prevention is worth a hundred in cure.’

During the summer of 2015, we were called in to help a school in the south of England. The initial request was for a standard summer maintenance: deep cleaning, some painting, a bit of carpentry, and a small plumbing job.  After a full assessment, we discovered that what had been described as repainting a few rooms extended to most of the school. Our team, removed chewing gum, cleaned the carpeted areas, scrubbed the floors and carried out all the required maintenance tasks, including painting and carpentry.  The school was so pleased with the overall result, that they now contract us on a monthly basis to check everything from the cleanliness of the floors to the state of the electrical system.

It will cost much less than you might think for us to maintain an entire school for two years than to hire a contractor to paint the school just once. The bonus is that we can maintain everything at the same time.

Here is a list of some of the types of maintenance that should be done over the summer months:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Roofing/Gutter cleaning and repairs
  • Floor repair and waxing
  • Window replacement
  • Deep cleaning of toilets, showers and changing rooms
  • Jet washing of external decking, staircases and paving
  • Heating system maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance and repairs
  • Plumbing maintenance and repairs


Deep Cleaning

Summer is the perfect time for those deep cleaning jobs that can’t get done the rest of the year. Shampooing carpets, waxing tile floors, stripping and refinishing wooden floors, and ventilation system cleaning and maintenance all need to be done when students are not around.

Dancing Around the Summer Activities

During the school year, you are able to maintain the grounds, the exterior, and other parts of the building but summer is the time to do the internal maintenance. One of the biggest difficulties that many schools are now having is that the classic summer closure is no longer a true closure. There are extracurricular activities, summer classes, and community activities going on throughout the holidays. We work with schools to plan our maintenance schedule around the schools existing commitments.

 One of the most effective techniques we have use is to close off specific portions of the building one at a time. One headmaster we work allows us access to one side of the school for a couple of weeks and then we will swap to the other wing. This allows our crews to have free reign to get work done.

Whether you choose MAR Services to do your summer maintenance, use your own in-house team, or hire another firm, the most important thing is planning. Plan each step of the process with your teams so that everything can get done without negatively affecting summer activities.

And remember: preventative maintenance can make summer repairs faster, easier, and less expensive. You might consider hiring a team that can do the majority of your maintenance throughout the year, particularly on weekends.

Cheers. And have a great summer!

One thought on “Prevention is Better than Cure: Summer School Maintenance

  1. Lamint

    I absolutely agree with the viewpoint of this article above. Summer is the best time for maintenance team to perform overall preventive maintenance – the time no students go to school. Another reason is that all equipment needs to be maintained to ensure safety and longevity.
    Thanks Marservices for sharing.


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