How to be September Ready!

The end of term is fast approaching and you’re dreaming of the moment ‘Schools out for Summer’ plays as you and your staff burst out of the school gates like this! (click here)

The end of the term also means the School probably isn’t looking its best; paint is splattered across the art room, scuff marks cover the gymnasium floor, there is food stain upon food stain in the canteen, and the tables are collapsing under the weight  of chewing gum!

September may seem distant, but your future self will thank you for thinking about the cleaning now! Having many years experience in the Education Sector, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise needed to make your School look its best. Read our recommendations on what your School needs over Summer to be September Ready!


Tired Floors?

Educational facilities have more hard-surface flooring than any other type of facility, so its important to hire a specialist to take care of them. Hard floor stripping and sealing maintains their appearance and helps them last longer. This consists of removing all old polish and exposing the original flooring or seal using suitable solvents and nylon pads. Following this we vacuum the area to remove any dirt, stains, deposits, solvents, polish and scuff marks from the floor. We then apply three coats of metallised emulsion floor polish. After sealing and polishing, the floors have a uniform lustre and will be free from streaks, scuffs and scratches.


Worse for wear kitchens?

Regular Kitchen Deep Cleaning can fix that! The Health and Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Act specify in great detail how a working kitchen must be maintained. If it is one of your top priorities to ensure safe food preparation of the children in your care, then let us get your kitchen into shape by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting floors and walls, cooking equipment, extraction systems, canopies, filters and ductwork. (Find out more)


Mucky washrooms?

“The challenges involved with cleaning School Washrooms vary depending on the age of the children using them.” according to Lara Larsen, Buildings Supervisor. School toilets and showers are, unsurprisingly, breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Whilst general daily cleaning provides a good level of cleanliness, deep cleaning targets the grime, dirt and lime scale built up in those hard to reach places, including sink overflows, toilet bowls and cisterns, around taps and shower heads, floors and walls especially those hard to reach corners and edges. (Find out more)


Grubby carpets?

Carpets in schools have a lot of daily traffic and improperly maintained carpets can cause health hazards due to the collection of dust, mould, bacteria and allergens such as dust mite waste. Regular deep cleaning helps restore the look of the carpets and keep it safe and hygienic for children to work and play on. To provide an incomparable clean, we use the multi-award winning Texatherm™ Cleaning System. This patented process combines unique chemical technology with heat and agitation to produce a capillary action. This safely deep cleans carpets and soft furnishing, delivering the benefits associated with both wet and dry cleaning systems, including; a formula that dries in less than 30 minutes, a clean and disinfected carpet, an anti-static coating to reduce future build up, no stretch, shrinkage or split seams, low moisture with no sticky residue, low noise application and an environmentally friendly PH neutral formula. (Find out more)


Contaminated Keyboards?

Did you know that the teacher is number 1 on the list of the top germiest jobs! Computers and have been proven to harvest more germs than toilet seats, and in an environment where computers are communal, the spread of germs are increased. Regular sanitation of IT Equipment cuts down germs by 90% and can prevent the spread of viruses. This includes thorough sanitation of the hard drive, keyboard, monitor, mouse and telephones. (Find out more)


Jaded exteriors?

It may not only be the inside of your School that requires attention, take advantage of an empty site and give the exterior of the School a good clean. We can effectively clean windows, stone, brick, concrete, paint, metal and woodwork. We can also refurbish claddings and gutters, obliterate graffiti and chewing gum,shot blast floors and paving, install bird netting and renovate façades. Our team deal with the cleaning and maintenance of all types of floor surfaces and a wide range of structures. (Find out more)


Downtrodden grounds?

The School Grounds can be just as important as inside the School, providing space or exercise, recreational time and possibly the occasional Science lesson. Whatever the size and usage of your School grounds, we have the expertise and equipment to efficiently service and maintain your premises. From mowing, trimming and strimming to hoeing, pruning and mulching, we can ensure your School is always neat and well presented. (find out more)


In need of repair?

Sometimes lights need fitting, pictures need hanging and taps need fixing, wouldn’t it be great if one person could handle it all? Our Handyman Services are carried out by conscientious, courteous and experienced professionals who know the best way to safely tackle any job, large or small. We can either arrange for regular visits or a one off arrangement to tackle your list of tasks that have been needing attention. (Find out more)


Six weeks of Summer will leave your School looking as good as new, until next half term!


Daily cleaning services can ensure your School is hygienic and safe all year round. Ofsted rank hygiene and cleanliness highly in safeguarding best practice. Could this be the year you achieve that ever coveted Outstanding? Read more about our daily cleaning services or contact us for a free quotation! or 01344 462 345

Read more about our experience in the Education sector here.

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