Time and attendance system

Our Time and Attendance Software system is a workforce management solution designed to accurately track and manage the time and attendance of cleaning staff working within your building on a daily basis. We can use any combination of biometric (finger-scan), swipe cards and telephone devices to record time and attendance data. Managers can monitor time and attendance in real time on any PC at any time and should we not be at a PC, SMS and email messages are sent to alert us to absence or lateness so the necessary action can be taken. With these options available, we can deliver a completely customisable solution to meet the specific needs of your premises and contract.

Features and benefits:

  • Real time and attendance monitoring of all staff giving immediate information on attendance and time keeping
  • SMS and email alerts keeping us instantly informed of all lateness and absence
  • Choice of logging devices allowing the perfect solution for your building
  • Web based monitoring interface giving anytime anywhere access
  • Comprehensive data logging and management reporting, ensuring you get the hours and service you pay for