Tips to Get Your Facility in Top Shape for Winter

It comes every year and yet, somehow, it seems to sneak up on us every time. Getting your facility ready for winter’s cold temperatures and nasty weather can be a huge project, but with a checklist and plan you can at least rest assured everything’s in hand.

To make it super easy, you can just hand this list to your maintenance team, or of course, call in experts in winter prep so you can relax into the holiday, safe in the knowledge that everything’s been taken care of.

  • Install programmable thermostats – A thermostat that responds to usage and timing can save you a great deal of money over winter.
  • Inspect boilers and furnaces – Have your boilers and/or furnaces inspected. Even the slightest malfunction can be expensive and might be dangerous.
  • Insulate pipes and equipment – Water heater, boilers, and the pipes that run to them should all be insulated to avoid heat loss.
  • Monitor carbon monoxide levels – Before you lock down tight, make sure that you don’t have any exhaust leaks.
  • Open registers and vents – Make sure that registers and vents are not obstructed by furniture or dust.
  • Check windows – Inspect windows for a proper seal and leakage.
  • Prepare a backup power source – A generator can save a lot of headaches in the depths of a winter storm.
  • Stock up on de-icer and shovels – Have all of the shovels and de-icers you might need for the season on hand early.
  • Check walkways for clutter – Remove clutter and debris from walkways. This includes landscaping stones and overgrown plants.
  • Look for depressions and low spots – Check car parks and walkways for low spots that might accumulate ice and snow.
  • Check all lighting – Both inside and outside lighting will be more important as the days get shorter.
  • Inspect gutters and downspouts – Ensure that all of your gutters are clear and can carry away snow melt.

The key to preparing your facility for winter is to think about the challenges you have experienced in prior years and prepare for those.

A much easier way is to bring in facilities maintenance professionals who will prepare your buildings and grounds for you. Facilities maintenance pros will go through your facility and correct deficiencies, arrange contract staff, and handle every aspect of winterising, including larger projects like inspecting the roofing and insulating crawl spaces.  Find out more here.

So here’s to a relaxed winter for you and your staff. Great preparation will virtually guarantee it.

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