Transform Your Office to Improve Morale

Many employers struggle to find ways to improve the morale and productivity of their offices. They will call in experts to test their staff. They will host elaborate events. They will even give away money or goods only to see a temporary rise in energy.

There is a much simpler way to improve staff morale and in doing so, increase productivity. And all it takes is making some simple changes to your working environment.

Here’s our top tips to making the most of your workspace:

  • Understand your space – Renovating the office might sound like an exciting (or daunting) project, but before you jump into anything, it is important to first understand how the space is currently being used. Use an app like Observe from Gensler to analyse workflows and space utilisation in order to make evidence-based changes to your workspace.
  • Let the sun shine – If you have windows that are blocked by filing cabinets or cubicle walls, open them. If the sun is too hot or bright, simply get the glass tinted. Natural light is an inexpensive and effective way to brighten people’s moods.
  • Get personal – Stop work one Friday afternoon and let everyone redecorate their personal area the way they want. If they aren’t entertaining clients at their desks, it won’t matter what they do. The same applies for individual offices. Repainting an office is a minimal expense if your employees are happy. As long as no one does anything offensive, let them have fun. The worst that may happen is that you will need to play referee between the Man U and Arsenal fans!
  • Music – Let everyone listen to music quietly on their headphones for at least some part of the day. Music has been shown to immensely improve productivity and focus. If everyone would prefer music through speakers, or using the telephone is essential to their work, simply play a different type of music on each day of the week to accommodate all tastes.
  • Plants, plants, plants – Plants not only make the environment feel more vibrant, but they actually help keep the air clean. You will want to choose plants that don’t require a lot maintenance or cause allergies, but keep them bright and colourful where possible too.
  • Pets – This one isn’t for the faint-hearted…. Make sure that no one has a serious allergy, but small petting animals like hamsters or gerbils can be a fun and easy way to bring life and energy to your office. Someone will need to be assigned to caring for the little beast, but it’s sure to bring as much joy to a group of adults as it does to children in a classroom.
  • Heart health – helping your employees stay fit and healthy is a sure way to keep them happy. Provide cycle racks, showers and lockers so that employees can choose to commute in the fresh air. Supply fresh fruit and vegetables, or at least a welcoming space to prepare fresh meals so that people are encouraged to eat healthily. Lastly, offering a discounted gym membership, organising a lunchtime walking club or an after-work group yoga class is a great way to show that you value your team and their wellbeing.
  • Clean up – Arrange for an office deep clean. Nothing is more depressing than working in a dirty office. Fresh, clean carpets, dusted shelves, and sparkling windows can have a huge effect on morale. Regular cleaning of keyboards and phones is also essential to remove germs that build up on these devices.

In truth, there are many simple ways to bring more energy, increase morale, and incredible productivity to your office. The key for an employer is to look at everything from the point of view of the people who work there.

Still not sure? Ask your staff. It might simply be the addition of a microwave or a coffee machine that your employees need to feel great. One thing that is for sure – no investment in your employee’s happiness will be wasted. A happy employee is a productive employee, so now’s the time to start making some changes!

For cleaning and office maintenance, MAR Services is your one-stop provider. From floor to ceiling, we are here to keep everything clean and running well. And the good news is that we’ll create an entirely tailored service to suit the needs of your facility, even if it means cleaning out the hamster cage…

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